EKO. 9051 vintage 1980 classic guitar

A very solidly build strong instument from Italy. This guitar is completele restored and has a double back now! The result a very very expressive guitar. It is heavy but with a big volume and sustain. Your audience and/or your microphone will love it. On this guitar Bruunari polish is used. This is your opportunity to get a very well playable guitar which sounds loud, bright and transparent. Do not miss this fine and unusually repaired instrument. This is again one of my experiments which will not disappoint you. Mensuur; (Scale) 65 cm Wood all solid: top; german spruce, back (double)and sides; mahogany, fretboard; rosewood, neck; mahogany composed with a maple stripe; brigde rosewood with maple inlay, the roset is a print and the bindings are wood. Nut and sadle; bone Fingerboard; 52 - 60 mm
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